Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome! & patience.

Hi y'all. I'm working on gathering 15 or so talented artists. This may take a while. If you wish, you may start you first entry into your own book. The first entry is a self-portrait. Then, you will send it ti the next person on the list at the right. But wait a while to send your book, until we are closer to having the group filled. It is fun to use the Japanese fold Moleskine sketchbook for this project, but it is not so important for the portrait groups. The Japanese fold moly encourages interaction between artists. Again, for the portrait group that is not as important.

I encourage you to post questions and comments here for everyone to share. Thanks for joining us. These books will be outstanding and I know you will be rewarded.


  1. Have you all looked at each other's artwork?

  2. Hello Marty, everyone

    I've seen everybody's work and found great pieces of art. This is my first exchange and I have high expectations and also a lot of questions (sorry about that!).

    I asume each artist will choose the kind of sketchbook to use. Is that so?
    When sending sketchbooks, do you use regular mail or a courier company?

    Best Regards


  3. Any sturdy sketchbook will do. You will want a sketchbook that will hold up to all of the media that the artists may use, plus you want the book to last a long time.

    We all send our books via regular mail, the slow boat. The anticipation make receiving the package so much sweeter, and it's cheaper.

  4. Hey y'all!! What do you think of the group so far? I am so proud of it. I dig the variety, passion for drawing people and the quality.

    We have had 15 in previous groups because the Japanese fold moly has 30 pages, two pages for each artist. There is a problem with this. Blogger limits comment notification to 10 people. With 15 members, 5 members get left out of that communication, unless they check the blog very regularly. Most people do not check the blog that regularly, and the group suffers. Comment notification sends emails to 10 members of the blog everytime a post or comment is made on the blog. It's great for keeping everyone up to date.

    I recommend that we stop the group at 10 members. There will be empty pages available in each book for guest artists, or 3 pages per artist, decide. What do you think?

  5. It is fine by me, ten members sound good.