Friday, August 7, 2009

Are you ok Joyce?

Hi Joyce, I heard in the news that a big typhoon is hitting Taiwan, Are you ok? I hope so.

Best wishes,


  1. Joyce, is there any news? How are you after the big storm? How is your city, your town?

  2. Hey guys! somehow I haven`t gotten this blog updated, dunno why :-?
    thank you for the concern Mauricio and Marty, I`m thrilled
    I`m fine(thanks God), the damages of the big storm were mostly in South Taiwan and high elevation areas, I live in Taipei City, it`s North Taiwan and fotunately we didn`t have too much rain here when the storm came and people got back to work as usual after the storm.
    but the damages in South Taiwan are still unsolved, there`re still many people under rubbles and missing, it brought me tears everytime I saw the news...