Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Someone Should Send Me A Book.

I'm on a roll. Who's got mine. And, Sarah, I know that you're living La College Vita Loca, but we need for you to jump back in. I gotta do that Snow White picture for you.

Love to all.


  1. I wonder if everyone gets this messages.

  2. I've received the message. I've had no book sent to me since the project started though unfortunately. My book's still doing the rounds I think.

    Things have ground to a halt perhaps?

  3. Miwa do you have any books?
    Joyce do you have any books?
    Fabio, do you have any books?
    Ami, I know you had books. Did you send them?
    Nathaniel do you have any books?

    Sarah says that she doesn't have any, and she never sent hers.

  4. ok i am partially to blame hear - i have mauricio's book ready to send out and then i have 2 others i will send asap. sorry.

  5. I sent my book to Joyce, and have Ami's now. I'm sorry that I've not written anything here.

  6. I have no book. I've been waiting for one from Sarah since last year so I've not been able to send a new one on to anyone.

  7. It would be great to get the ball rolling again. I'm nearly at the end of my teacher training course and will have more time to devote to this in the near future, so if anyone can forward a book to me, then that would be great? Is anyone sittig on a pile of them somewhere in the world...?

    All the very best to everyone.

  8. I have 2 books on my hands right now, Miwa's and mine.
    I almost got Miwa's moly done and also my own moleskine, and will past 'em to Sarah.
    will keep you guys posted.

  9. no body send me anything because I am no longer at my old address and am staying with a friend until the end of term.

    so I am without an address

  10. Joyce, send your books to Nathaniel, please.

    We have spies out for Sarah. She can run, but she cannot hide. Until, we capture her and convince her otherwise, she is out of the game.

  11. Oh, and thanks everyone for checking in and moving the books along.

  12. Thanks for bump starting this again, Marty. Joyce, do you have my address?

  13. no I don't, Nathaniel
    just sent you a flickr mail :)

  14. Hi Joyce, did you get my reply? I hope you've got my address now.

    Looking forward to receiving and passing on new books.


  15. Yes I do, thank you Nathaniel, will send you a note once I send the book off :D
    looking forward to see your art too :]

    are there any news from other books by the way?


  16. Mostly, I want to locate the books that people have worked so hard in.

    Ami, have you sent the 2 other books to Miwa? I am guessing that one of those books is mine.

    So long Sarah. The spies have decided that it's not worth the trouble.

    One last thing? Nathaniel, have you sent any books to Fabio? Fabio, any questions about how this portrait exchange works?