Monday, April 11, 2011

I apologize to all, especially to Ami.

I've been kept Ami's notebook. Actually I didn't know what should I draw around that time, but after the earthquake, I realized that I have no time. Tried to draw and send it to Joyce as soon as possible, because if the nuclear accident got worse, it may not get outside of Japan.
In the meantime, things are getting worse. I read a news about the accident was level7 the same as Chernobyl, a couple of hours ago on the internet.
I think I'll be able to check Ami's Moleskine at the post office by Thursday. Nothing changes in Tokyo at the moment. If someone don't want to accept mails through Japan, e-mail me. I don't blame anyone. Anyway, I apologize to all members, especially to Ami. I'm really sorry. Thank the people who support, donate, and pray for us. I don't give up on my country.
Miwa 4:20am April 12


  1. I think you have the world's thoughts with you at the moment, Miwa. I hope everything is okay with you and your family. The wife of one of my best friends is from Sendai, and luckily, her relations are alright.

    I forwarded your book on to Fabio a few months ago, and on behalf of myself, I have no issue with receiving mail from Japan if you're able to send it out.

  2. You don't have to apologize, Miwa, I think I speak for everyone when I say that all our thoughts and love are with you. I hope everything turns out for the best, and in the meantime you can be sure that all our prayers are with Japan and all it's people.

    And, of course, I have no problem with mail from Japan.

  3. Thank you, Nathaniel and Mauricio. Your comments made me really happy. I sent Ami's moleskine to Joyce last Thursday night after deep thought. I'll post about it later. Above all, I wanted to say thank you very much.